Cris Kesz Valdez, 13-year old pinoy won International Children’s Peace Prize

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Cris kesz Valdez, 13, had the privilege to be the center of attention at the same venue where Queen Beatrix delivered her annual speech to the Parliament (ABS-CBN news).

Cris kesz Valdez or simply “Kesz”, hailed as the winner of the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize went up the stage to claim his award at the Ridderzaal or Knight’s Hall, one of several buildings in the Binnenhof, the seat of the Dutch parliament in The Hague.

Kesz Valdez received the award on Wednesday from 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu at a ceremony attended by dignitaries.

The 13-year old lad received this award for his efforts to improve the rights of more than 246,000 street children in the Philippines who are subjected to abuse, violence and child labor," the award organizers said in a statement. "Many of them also struggle to cope with major health issues. Kesz was in the same situation. kesz-valdez-international-peace-prize-award.jpg Carlos "Kesz" Valdez with Archbishop Desmond Tutu after receiving his award. Photo courtesy of Charlie Curilan for

"On his seventh birthday, Kesz didn’t want any presents for himself. Instead, he wanted to give something to other street children: Gifts of Hope. That same year, Kesz started his own organization, Championing Community Children, aimed at giving street children hope and showing them that they can take their future into their own hands," the award organizing body said.

"Every week, he and his friends go to underprivileged communities to teach children about hygiene, food and children’s rights. He even takes things a step further, by teaching children how to teach each other. He has so far helped more than 10,000 children in his local area," it added.

Each year, the International Children’s Peace Prize Laureate is selected from nominations from all over the world. An Expert Committee assesses the candidates and then selects the winner.

The prize money of €100,000 that is attached to the Children's Peace Prize is spent by KidsRights on projects that are closely connected to the winners' area of work.

The International Children’s Peace Prize is presented annually to an exceptional child, whose courageous or otherwise remarkable acts and thoughts have made a difference in countering problems, which affect children around the world, the organizing body said.




Posted by on 20 Sep 2012

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