Human Rights Group Says, 'Stop The Curfew Activities'

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Human rights groups are reacting to the multiple reports involving the arrest of children who violated the curfew guidelines in their area. The advocates said, the curfew needs to be stopped immediately because they observed "traumatic and indiscriminate" actions during the confrontation between the arresting officers and children.

Similar human rights advocate raised concern regarding the alleged "draconian measures and methods" of the curfew policy in various villages in Metro Manila. They said there has been clear violations and manifestations of cruelty when the police officers capture their targets.

Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan(SPARK) National Secretariat Joanne Lim comdemns the assumption that an underage or minors are automatically suspected of doing criminal activities. Lim's statement was quoted by ABS-CBN news:

Ang assumption sa'yo bilang menor de edad na gumagala passed the curfew ay may ginagawang criminal activity.

Aside from the observation of violent encounters, they also noticed that it appears the local governments in National Capital Region are reactivating the curfew law to gain approval of the next President. They argued that the motives are too obvious since one Barangay in Quezon city dubbed the operation as Oplan Rody or Rid the Streets Of Drinkers and Youth.

SPARK is alarmed when they learned that curfews will be implemented to other large provinces such as Bacoor, Lipa, Mandaue, and Baguio city.

We just could not understand the logic behind the arguments of these groups. Instead of blocking the implementation of curfew, it would be better to remind the police officials to be more gentle in handling the kids. Their dispute shouldn't be the curfew law itself but it should be directed to the authorities who violates the rights of the individuals(if ever there were violations).

Do you agree on the plans of the Human Rights groups to stop the implementation of curfew in Metro Manila and other parts of the country?




Posted by on 19 Jun 2016

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