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How to Order Flowers at Gertrudes Online Flower Shop

If you plan to order fresh flowers without visiting an actual flower shop, we highly recommend you to visit Gertrudes online flower shop. In this article, we will provide you the steps on how to place an order of high quality flowers using their online payment system.


Early this month, I was looking for an online flower shop which offers free delivery within Metro Manila area. Google search results returned a long list of online shops in Makati which includes Gertrudes flower shop. They offer wide variety of flowers for various occasions such birthday and anniversary, Valentines' day, Mother's day, etc. However, my interest was to look for a flower for my girlfriend who was sick a few weeks back. Fortunately, Gertrudes online flower shop has a lot of Get Well Soon flower arrangements. So, I quickly picked one and placed an order.

How to process an order at Gertrudes Flower Shop

Steps on how to order and pay are listed on Gertrudes website but I will summarize how my order was processed and delivered.

STEP 1. At 8:58a.m., I dialed 0927-967-7802 and spoke to a woman. She immediately asked me to complete the form below for them to properly process my request. I emailed it to gertrudesphil@gmail.com.

QUANTITY: 1 (one)


DESCRIPTION: 1 dozen roses, assorted malaysian mums and balloons. Basket arrangement (If possible, use white roses)

SENDER’S NAME: <Your Name Here>

CITY ADDRESS: < Sender's Address>

MOBILE NUMBER: <Sender's Cellphone number>

RECIPIENT’S NAME: <My girlfriend's name>

COMPLETE ADDRESS: <The address of the recipient (address of my girlfriend)>

MOBILE NUMBER: <Recipient's mobile number>

DELIVERY DATE: March 2, 2015 (the actual date of delivery)

MODE OF PAYMENT: (include your email address if payment is credit or debit card): E-mail address: xxxxxxx@diversityhuman.com <<<< I used EON debit/credit card for my payment, so I had to include an email address.



2 days of not seeing you is like years of being far from you. Please take your meds on time.

I miss you and I love you so much.

Wishing for your fast recovery, -(My name here)

STEP 2. In 12 minutes (9:10a.m.), a sales representative named Allan replied to my email saying that he sent the paypal payment link.
STEP 3. I followed the link and processed my payment.
STEP 4. I downloaded the receipt from paypal's system. As a backup, I also captured a screenshot of my payment.
STEP 5. I emailed back gertrudesphil@gmail.com and attached the files in STEP 4.
STEP 6. At 10:25a.m., an SMS communication was sent to 0927-967-7802 asking them to validate my proof of payment via the email I sent in STEP 5.
STEP 7. Gertrudes Flower shop quickly replied at 10:27a.m., "We received your payment, we will process and deliver as soon as possible. Thank you (sic)"
STEP 8. I made a follow up at 1:17p.m. to check the status of the order and asked for the time of actual delivery. I received a short reply, "Before 2pm.(sic)"

I was a bit hesitant to believe that they could deliver the flowers on time but at 1:58p.m., I received a message from my girlfriend. She said, "This is the first time somebody sent me flowers i want to cry tears of happiness hon thank you so much i love you so much i will hug you tight when im back(sic)".

Here's the actual photo of the flowers delivered to my girlfriend's house. gertrudes-online-flower-shop

As of writing, the website of Gertrudes Flower Shop states that they offer "Free delivery in Metro Manila". So, if you want to surprise the person you love, go ahead and order elegant, fresh, and well-arranged flowers at Gertrudes online flower shop.

Metro Manila
Delivery time - 6am to 12midnight
Free delivery from 6am to 6pm only.

You may also visit Gertrudes's Facebook page for more information and updates.

This is not a sponsored post. We did not receive any payment for this article and DiversityHuman.com is not an affiliate of Gertrudes Flowershop.

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