Fire hits slum area and Doña Guadalupe Building in Makati City

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Fire hits Dela Rosa |Blaze in Makati City, July 2013

fire-hits-dela-rosa-salcedo-makati Photo credit:'s FB friend Lai Blasquino

Two fires hit Makati City on Thursday morning. The first fire occurred at a slum area at the corner of Ayala and Gil Puyat Avenue (near Makati Medical Center).

The blaze broke around 10:45a.m and created a big mushroom cloud of smoke which covered a huge area of the city. Even the residents near the Mandaluyong City hall have seen the black smoke.

A video sent to us by a co-blogger (, showed a building on fire. Apparently this incident occurred along Urban Ave, Makati.

In a report of ABS -CBN news, the Makati City Information Department said that the fire in Ayala Ave reached the general alarm and was under control as of 11:30 a.m. Mayor Junjun Binay reportedly rushed to the area to monitor the situation and later claimed that no one was hurt in the fire near the hospital.

The second fire hit Doña Guadalupe Building located at the corner of Kamagong and Bagtikan Streets in Barangay San Antonio. The blaze reached Task Force Alpha and was declared under control at 11:47 a.m. Mayor Binay said at least three people from Barangay San Antonio were rushed to the hospital. Two of the victims inhaled thick smoke, while the third victim sustained minor injuries.

The cause of the twin blazes has not been yet established.

Video credit: Homer Corby




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