Amazing Story of Dobri Dobrev, 98-year-old deaf but generous and kind | Sofia City

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Amazing Story of Dobri Dobrev, a 98-year-old deaf beggar in Sofia City. Do you know the inspiring story of this old man? If not, you better read this post and prepare some tissues as this article might make you cry.


Meet Dobri Dobrev, the 98-year-old man who is known for his unconditional kindness and generosity. He is a war survivor who lost his hearing capacibility during World War II. He now lives somewhere in Sofia, Bulgaria. Dobri Dobrev walks 10 kilometers from his village in his homemade clothes and leather shoes to the city of Sofia, where he spends the day begging for money. You might ask, why is he asking for money? Is he saving this for his own?

The heart-touching story of Dobri and the truth behind his activity on the streets


Elder Dobri Dobrev from Baylovo, Sofia City gave up his life and went begging on road and churches to raise money for a temple. He has donated every penny he has collected — over 40,000 euros — towards the restoration of decaying Bulgarian monasteries and churches and the utility bills of orphanages, living entirely off his monthly state pension of 80 euros and the kindness of others.

According to a blog post in johnsanidopoulos, it says:

Kind eyes, pleasant smile, humble look... all that makes him bright in the eyes of those who have met him and without hesitation hurry to get a blessing from this sagacious elder. He wears traditional shoes from raw skin and he all the time rushes somewhere, but he never uses modern transport vehicles. Simply, he loves the ascetic walk. He eats whatever the good people give him and he never repines for his condition. His face shines with heavenly light which at one point of the moment makes people unconsciously to understand that he really is like someone out of the Bible.

We salute Dobri Dobrev for being a good example to all humanity. Watch the full documentation of his inspiring story.

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His life is really full of mystery. A man like him can not be seen anywhere these days.

Gökhan Sunday, September 22 2013 - 11:42

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