It wasn't just for the new hair and for her sexy body that made the netizens attracted to follow the star on social media. It is undeniable that she always ensure that her encounters with her fans and supporters are always memorable experience. This trait made her close to other people even the ones that she newly met in various parts of the country.

In a highlighted comment on Facebook, a certain fan of Padilla mentioned that the actress is so kind and would really entertain people who come close to her. Bela doesn't show signs of being irritated whenever there are ordinary individuals who like to have a selfie with her.

Bela Padilla might not have a perfect body to others but definitely she has the right attitude and a heart to her supporters. That sexy body and oozing sex appeal could be just an add-on to her personality. Of course, admit it or not, that short hair makes Bela even sexier!