BDO Bank Teller Alfonso Agravante Withdraws Millions from OFW accounts|Fake Bank books

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BDO Bank Teller Alfonso Agravante Withdraws Millions from OFW accounts|Fake Bank books


A BDO teller, Alfonso Agravante, allegedly issued fake BDO bank book accounts and made several unauthorized bank withdrawals to BDO clients including Alfonso Pico Sr., a 77-year-old retired teacher who is now based in Canada.

Agravante, whom they entrusted their bank book containing almost Php3.7 million, allegedly withdrew money from the account without Pico's consent and only left around 5,000.00 pesos. According to the victim, the bank teller of BDO Kabankalan, Negros Occidental used to live in their place but since May 2013, the suspect reportedly went into hiding.

Another victim, 82-year-old Barcelisa Mellendez, was also surprised upon learning that someone had been regularly withdrawing from the account of her daughter who is based in United States. The allowable amount that she can withdraw from the account per month is only Php4,000 but when she updated the account, she found out that someone(Alfonso Agravante) had been withdrawing hundreds of thousands of pesos.

Mellendez said, she entrusted Agravante with the account of her daughter since she was close to her family but later on she found out that the bank book presented to her by the Agravante was also fake. The estimated amount withdrawn by the bank teller was around Php1 million.

When the two victims filed a complaint before the BDO management, they were promised that they will be paid but to how much and when, they have no clue. They were also informed that the bank “is currently investigating the matter.”

In a statement from the public relations office of BDO sent to ABS-CBN, they said;

“The interests of our clients is our utmost priority. Rest assured, we will address all their concerns.”

Meanwhile, Pico also formally filed falsification of private documents and fraud cases against Agravante. - a report summary from ABS-CBN news




Posted by on 02 Jul 2013

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