Woman Trapped in Elevator for Weeks, the Result is Shocking!

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A woman was trapped and left inside the elevator for weeks in a certain building located at the northern city in China. The state media on Sunday reported the incident and the shocking truth was revealed to the entire community.

On January 30, a group of workers who belong to the maintenance team were tasked to repair an elevator that encountered several electrical failures. When they came inside the building, the elevator was reportedly stuck between the 10th and 11th floors. The crew went near the main lift cables and shouted towards the elevator car to check if there was someone in it. Since the group didn't hear any response, one of them went into the control cabinet and turned off the power supply.

Unfortunately, the scheduled repair was not completed on that particular day leaving the woman inside the elevator all by herself. Due to the Chinese New Year celebration in the succeeding week as well, the repairmen didn't return to the area until March 1, 2016.

After a month, the repairmen lifted the elevator and opened the landing doors. All of them were shocked on their horrific discovery. The workers saw tons of desperate scratches on the walls of the lift and the lifefess 43-year-old victim was lying on the floor. The woman's body was already in a decomposing state when it was retrieved from the location.

According to the government's crime investigation team, the death of the woman was caused by gross negligence and failure of the maintenance company to conduct thorough check before cutting the power of the machine. There should have been proper procedures followed by the repair team to verify if anyone was left inside the elevator.chinese-woman-trapped-in-elevator.jpg

The detectives, on the other hand, didn't find any sign of foul play nor trauma, thus, eliminating the possibility of homicide.

Numerous reports on safety issues, accidents, and substandard flow of building security measures were observed in the past. In July 2015, a woman went through a hole of an escalator in one of the famous malls in China. The body of the woman was shred into pieces because of the lack of safety standards.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 07 Mar 2016

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