Husband Pimps Wife on the Internet for Sex Video Arrested by NBI

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The unidentified Filipino man was allegedly pimping out his own wife on the internet but was arrested by the officers of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). A certain tipster reportedly informed the government agency to hunt down the couple following their controversial advertisement on a certain classified ad website.

According to news reports, the NBI agents received an alert from a concerned citizen citing the alleged human trafficking violation of the couple who posted their sex adventure on the internet. The sex advertisement appeared on craigslist which indicated that the wife of the suspect is available as a female adult talent who can perform sexual acts and can be recorded on video.


The husband described his wife as 37-year-old mommy with medium body built and 5 feet and six inches tall. The man was pimping out his wife for P30,000.00.

Available Female Adult Talent Stats: - 37yo Mommy - Stands 5'6 - Medium Built If Interested, please do send me a message so we can discuss everything. Thanks

Meanwhile, in an interview, the wife of the suspect claimed that the sex video will be used to blackmail her up. For more details of this report, please watch the video "Mister Binugaw si Misis".




Posted by on 05 Oct 2014

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