President Obama’s 'Yes We Can' means 'Thank You Satan'

By: Sherwin in Strange-Odd News

A friend of mine suggested me to write an article about Obama's 'Yes We Can speech' which is 'Thank you Satan' when reversed. He also asked me to watch an audo-video clip showing Obama saying 'Yes We Can'. This article is similar to my previous article which is about backmasking.

According to a researcher named David Oates, backmasking is the deliberate placement of backwards messages in audio recordings, whereas reverse speech is supposedly a subconscious phenomenon that reveals the secret inner thoughts of the speaker.


I am not yet sure about the accuracy of the video. It may have been manipulated and re-engineered because it obviously affected the cheering crowd. I'm especially doubtful about it because there are some inconsistencies towards the end of the clip unlike Obama's actual statement itself. I assume they'd fake the cheering crowd rather than Obama's speech reversed, because it'd be easier to impersonate a cheering crowd than it is to impersonate Obama’s voice. You have the option to try and play the video backwards to prove to yourself if “Thank You Satan” is for real (list of backmasking tools).

As the Skeptics Dictionary says, "you probably won't hear these messages until somebody first points them out to you. Perception is influenced by expectation and expectation is affected by what others prime you for."

This issue was first noticed in Obama’s New Hampshire primary victory speech in 2008. A song was even made from that speech and became popular. It was sung by the artist Will. I. Am. When you play the song backwards, you undeniably hear things that sounds like “Thank You Satan” and “We Love Satan,” over and over again.

If you will listen carefully to the backmasked version of it, “Yes We Can” backwards come out always as “Nay Cue Say". And when you record yourself saying “Nay Cue Say” and play it backwards, it will definitely come out as “Yes We Can”, consistently. Now, NayCueSay-NayCueSay-NayCueSay…. sounds a lot like “Thank You Satan”.

I find this to be a really entertaining topic and is worth trying. How about you?




Good Day mates! I’m Sherwin, I am an Electrical Engineering student at Rizal Technological University. I love writing articles and editorials second only to reading interesting conspiracy theories. Feel free to contact me, if you find my opinions and articles a little bit offensive or unoriginal. Follow or add me @

Posted by on 29 Jan 2014

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