Multisim™: The best tool for Electronics Simulation

By: Sherwin in Technology

Say goodbye to the burden of gathering all electronics components (resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, transistors, etc. ) needed to assemble what is drawn in the schematic diagram. The electronic industry has come to a point where actual testing of circuits on a breadboard can be bypassed to save time, money and effort. Thanks to Multisim electronic stimulation software.


Multisim makes most electronics manufacturing companies or semiconductor firms to be more productive and practical. All of these became possible with the overture of electronics software in the market.

There are other electronics software already present in the industry aside from Multisim, but I have to agree that Multisim is now one of the most reliable and leading simulation tool that you can use when you are looking for accuracy and real time synchronization of your actual circuits.

What is Multisim?

It is relevant for non–users of this software to be oriented of its functions, capabilities and advantages so that they can shy away from constructing electronic circuits manually. Multisim is a program that you can use to simulate circuits before you actually build them in the lab. Multisim is a product of National Instruments. It's schematic capture and simulation program designed for schematic entry, simulation, and feeding to downstage steps, such as PCB layout. It also includes mixed analog/digital simulation capability, and micro-controller co-simulation.

According to National Instruments, Multisim has these features:

1.      SPICE simulation
2.      XSPICE simulation
3.      Export to Excel and NI LabVIEW
4.      Component creation wizard
5.      Import/Export to .LVM and .TDM
6.      Custom LabVIEW instruments
7.      SPICE convergence assistant
8.      BSIM 4 MOSFET model support
9.      Temperature simulation parameters
10.   Add simulation probe to analysis
11.   Measurements probes
12.   Microcontroller (MCU) simulation
13.   MCU C-Code support
14.   Automation API
15.   Input/Output LabVIEW instruments
16.   BSIM 4.6.3
17.   Support for BSIMSOI; EKV; VBIC
18.   Advanced diode parameter models
19.   SPICE Netlist viewer
20.   Grapher annotations
21.   Grapher smart legend
22.   NI hardware connectors
23.   LabVIEW/Multisim co-simulation
24.   Grapher—Digital Display

Multisim isn’t just for engineers, experts, and manufacturers. It can also be used by Electronics/ Electrical Engineering students for their own studies and projects. This will help them to save time and of course, help students to overcome financial struggles. Multisim simulation software produces exactly the same result as manual simulation.




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Posted by on 12 Dec 2013

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