Earth without ANTS is lifeless


Have you ever been so annoyed to the point where the idea of annihilating the entire population of ants came across your mind?

Those pesky ants that keep on invading our closets, sticking to our clothes, sharing and swarming to our foods until we find it unpleasant to eat are not just annoying but it can also ruin our entire day. Can you imagine the pain when those ants bite you? It’s like a prick from a needle puncturing your skin. Sometimes they bite inconsiderately in any part of your body, even in the most hidden parts where it actually hurts even more!


Are ants really important on Earth?

Have you ever thought what would happen if we eradicate all the ants?

While we are finding ways on how to exterminate ants, it is inarguable that ants are actually very important to ecosystems. Life wouldn't be the same without ants. Some of the reasons why we shouldn't get rid of the ants entirely are as follows:

Predators like birds depend on ants for survival
Some species of birds are totally dependent on ants for survival. Army ants, for example, travel in large packs, which causes small animals like tarantulas, scorpions, beetles, roaches, grasshoppers, lizards, frogs and small snakes to move out of their way. When those smaller animals are pushed out of their habitats, they become preys for birds.

Ants have their important role in the ecosystem
Ants have other ecological roles that benefit the planet, such as eliminating pest populations and aerating soil. In some parts of the world, ants are especially important. They are used to harvest rooibos seeds for herbal tea, to bind wounds and to feed millions of people. In Mexico, Thailand, and other parts of the world, ant eggs form the base for escaroles, which is a type of expensive insect caviar.

Most of us consider ants as pure nuisance that keeps on irritating us every now and then. But it's important to bear in mind that these creatures serve essential roles in the lives of the people around the world. Ant eggs and larvae are served in many dishes in Thailand and some other countries.

From ensuring that many bird species will get their next meal to aerating soil so plants and crops can grow, it's clear ants are wonderful creatures that do more good things to us that we have ever known. Take note, aside from anteaters perishing when ants disappear, exterminators which consider pest control as a source of living will be jobless too!

If we figured out how to exterminate ants from every part of the globe, it's safe to say that the world would never be the same.

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