Pinoy Genrev Bacasno wins 2013 Asia Pacific Bartender Championship

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  • Pinoy Bartender wins 2013 Asia Pacific TGI Friday Bartending Championship
  • Genrev 'The Revolution' Bacasno bagged a cash prize of $1,000USD
  • Pinoy will compete the World Bartender Championship in United States


Pinoy Genrev Bacasno wins 2013 Asia Pacific Bartender Championship

25-year-old Genrev Bacasno, a.k.a The Revolution, has won the 2013 World Bartender Championship regional competition held at TGI Friday’s branch at Bonifacio High Street on Tuesday night. Genrev bested delegates from Japan, Korea, India, Australia and China.

The pinoy bartender's excellent showmanship, sunny personality and impressive working flair catapulted him to the top, earning him the title, “ultimate bartender”. Genrev executed his near-effortless game plan and rocked the bar with his world-class bartending skills. Bacasno's ability to entertain the audience and some card tricks captivated the judges of the Asia Pacific Bartender Championship.

The pinoy bartender will compete in the 2013 World Bartender Championship after winning the top prize at the regional TGI Friday competition. Genrev Bacasno also received a trophy and a cash prize of $1000USD, while Japan's Koki Yokoyama ranked second, and Korea's Daniel Lee finished in third place.

Genrev 'The Revolution' Bacasno was also hailed as Bartending King of the Shake, Rattle and Pour Bartending Championship in 2012. Watch the video below to see how Bacasno wowed the judges in this year’s Bartender Championship.

FYI! TGI Friday’s hosted its first flair bartending competition at its Marina del Rey branch in California in 1985. In 1987, the restaurant held its first world championship, which evolved into what is now the World Bartender Championship, which started in 1991. -ABS-CBN news, PhilStar




Posted by on 11 Sep 2013

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