(Viral Video)Cat Tangled in Perimeter Fence Saved and Rescued by Three Girl Students of Pasig City

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(Viral Video)Cat Tangled in Perimeter Fence Saved and Rescued by Three Girl Students of Pasig City


  • Three Girl Students saved a cat in Pasig City
  • Netizens argued over the move of Youscooper Mark Anthony Padil
  • Video of the Rescue efforts goes Viral in Social Networking sites

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A viral video of GMA news "YouScooper", Mark Anthony Padil, showed the rescue efforts done by the three students of Pasig City.

In the 65-second video, the kids are seen executing their own plan to save a cat that was stuck in the perimeter fence along a sidewalk in Pasig city. One of the students said, "Kawawa yong pusa eh.." The Youscooper's viral video has the following caption on Facebook:

"Habang pauwi na ang mga bata, nakakita sila ng isang pusang naipit sa perimeter fence sa may sidewalk at hindi sila nag-dalawang isip na tulungan ito. Nakita ito ni YouScooper Mark, at umalis pa siya ng sandali para makahanap ng tutulong. Pag-balik niya ay naligtas na ng 3 bata ang pusa."

Many netizens applauded the efforts of the girl students but some aired their disappointments over the Youscooper, who chose to capture a video instead of helping them.

John Lichauco Santos said, "That's nice kids helping animals just one question though, youscooper mark why didnt you help the kids? You just kept on shooting the video...definitely you are taller and physically more capable." Another commenter, Aj Gabon, said"at pinanood lang nung lalaking nag vivideo?"

Several Facebook users, however, defended Mark Padil. Netizen Carmela Balcazar commented;

Sometimes, we have to allow our children to discover what they are capable of. To discover what compassion,and team work can achieve. As we can see, they were resourceful and committed. Besides, the video was documentary evidence of these wonderful rescuers. Kudos to the videographer for taking a step back and helping the kids "grow up".

Mark D. Kun, on the other hand said,

Is the situation really that life threatening that you wanted to see the man to step in?? just enjoy the video and try to appreciate what message it conveys.

In addition, Youscooper's Facebook admin stated,

"Hello po! We've added to the description that YouScooper Mark left to find help when he saw what the kids were attempting, but when he came back, the kids already got the cat safely out."

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