Davao City Mayor Duterte, Undercover Taxi Driver photo goes viral

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Davao City Mayor Duterte, Undercover Taxi Driver photo goes viral


In an interview, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte confirmed that the viral photo on social networking sites, showing the Mayor driving a cab, was indeed him.

In a statement, Mayor Duterte claimed that he sometimes drives a taxi to personally monitor the situation in Davao city. He added that his passengers get to ride the taxi for free. The viral "undercover taxi driver" photo of the Mayor, which was uploaded in Facebook has the following caption:

"Ang sweldo sa Mayor Kulang! Mao na Magdrive Ko og taxi magabii. Para Madugang-dugang. Tinuod na, Panginabuhi. Maayo unta og Congressman ta... Ang Tinuod, gusto ko makakita sa hulagway sa Davao sa tinuod. Magdrive ko og Taxi tapos muhunong ko og usa ka Kanto. Unya kung Mangholdap ka, Malas nalang gyud nimo..."

GMA news compared the Mayor's move "to Norway's Labor Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's moonlighting as a taxi driver. The popular PM also said that he wanted to hear what real Norwegian voters really thought, and in a comment to Norwegian media, said “If there is one place people really say what they think about most things, it's in the taxi." However, unlike Mayor Duterte, Stoltenberg's taxi stunt was reportedly staged. "It said five of the 14 passengers involved in his stint were contacted via a casting call and were paid 500 kroner or Php3,670.62."

Meanwhile, a video taken by ABS-CBN also showed Duterte holding office at Quezon Park in the city after a power interruption affected the city hall's operation.

Just a short feedback to GMA news researchers, please take some additional time in verifying factual information before attempting to "compare" Duterte to someone else. The Mayor of Davao city has been doing this odd/unconventional move since early 90s-no facebook, no twitter, no social media or whatsoever. In a separate report, the locals even claimed that they are aware of this undercover activities of the Mayor. They said there are times that Mayor Duterte will make a surprise visit to police stations to check if the cops are performing their duties. If anyone will question my credibility, just an FYI, I came from Davao too. :)

To those who wants Mayor Duterte to be the President of the Philippines, here's his reply.

I am not interested in becoming the President or the Vice President, or even a Senator or a Secretary of any department. I am not qualified for these positions. I will aspire only for what I can be, I will not dream for what I cannot be.-Rody Duterte

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