Identity Theft: Telstra Michelle or Mitchelle Valdez photos shown in Australian TV news report - NOT Daniella

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The notorious attempt of Daniella to extort $60 from an Australian Telstra customer led to an early otelstra-call-center-daniella-mitchelle-valdez.pngutrageous TV report of Today Tonight in Australia. However, it looks like that Today Tonight made major lapses in showing unverified photos of Daniella a.k.a Michelle Valdez. The article we published 4 days ago received a comment from one of our readers named M.A. telling us that the pictures were not of Daniella but it's her/his friend's photos posted in Facebook.

Here's the complete comment of M.A from the previous article Telstra Operator from Philippine-based Call Center bribed an Australian customer.

"the girl in the video clip is NOT Michelle Valdez.. she's my friend and she has never worked in Teleperformance (Telstra account). I feel sad for her cause she's a victim of identity theft/character assassination. 'Today Tonight' must have done thorough research before attaching her facebook pics in their report. Legal actions are on process right now and we're praying for the best."

I also received feedback regarding the video footage. It featured Indian call center environment though the case being talked about is from the Philippines.

Whoever the lady that was flashed on the news erroneously, hopefully she will commit justice anytime soon. This character assassination should be a huge lesson to mass media researchers. Be careful of your report. Do not guess and don't assume! will keep an eye on this case and we will keep you updated.



Posted by on 28 Mar 2012

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Mitchelle Valdez AKA Daniella and the picture of the woman from that Youtube video (4:43) are two different persons.

We don't know about Daniella, or his/her true identity. But this woman is a personal friend and she would never commit such crime in any shape or form.. This makes her a victim of identity theft, or much worse.. a character assassination.

She, my friend works in a different company that never acquired any campaign from telstra. I was the first one to find out about this video, cross-referenced the images against the ones in her facebook profile and confirmed that it was indeed her. She didn't have a single hint about the video until we informed her that night.

We're calling out the mass media to help us resolve this issue, our party is willing to disclose any information that we know of. We are doing the investigation ourselves and we are looking for good people that will assist us on bringing related articles down especially that youtube video that exposes the image of an innocent woman.

This issue we believe is just a part of a much bigger agenda, but we can't accuse anyone yet without sustainable evidence.

She is in deep emotional stress, troubled by the effects on her career and reputation.

May we ask our fellow netizens to please share this post on any blog or news articles that you may find, please spread the truth.

For those who are willing to support her or share information, you may contact us at whoisdaniella[a]yahoo[.]com

Designated Driver Wednesday, March 28 2012 - 15:19

If this was true and someone else's picture was posted on the Aussie news, the girl should file a lawsuit against the network and the guy that shared the incident to the press. The press should be responsible enough to investigate that the information are all correct before they televised it.

This is an unfortunate incident that would definitely damage the image of Filipinos. I appreciate Telstra's part in stating that this was an isolated case and they still expressed faith on their Filipino employees. I admit that what the girl did was wrong and it is embarrassing but I also think that the aussie was after getting some compensation from Telstra. I am not defending the girl but its also logical that the offer made to him also benefited him and that was the reason why he responded to it. Also, the way he responded on the interview is so wrong and you can see the racist that he is. Yes, companies pays us lesser here if they convert it to AUD but not in peso! The BPO industry here pays way better than a desk job. We are well compensated. He should have thought that the cost of living is cheaper here. What a dumb ass! Why would he need to have it televised anyway? He should have settled it with Telstra alone. What was his purpose? I know exactly what he is gonna say...people has the right to know? Right, only the people concerned needs to know. The only victim here is far as I know, that stupid guy was never a victim.

If it wasn't for my Australian friends, this would have changed my mind about Australia.

Renegade Girl Saturday, April 7 2012 - 19:04

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