Bourne Legacy Filming in Manila

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Manila, Philippines - The plan last year has now become a reality. On January 11, 2012, Screenwriter and director Tony Gilroy began filming the Jason Bourne Hollywood spy franchise in the chaotic Philippine capital amid heavy security with the city on alert over a feared terrorist attack. Last week, President Benigno Aquino placed Manila security forces on alert over what he said was plot to bomb a Catholic procession on Monday not far from where the Bourne film is set. Though the attack never occurred police forces remain on full alert and with bomb sniffing dogs scoured a warren of Manila alleyways where British actress Rachel Weisz and her co-star, Jeremy Renner, shot scenes for the much anticipated “Bourne Legacy” movie. Rachel_Weisz_and_Jeremy_Renner.jpg

“We want to ensure that this film ends here without a hitch,” said Ed Untalan, head of the local Task Force.

Members of the Manila Police District (MPD), who will be part of the filming, have been provided new uniforms and a Camry which will be used as their mobile patrol in their film.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman Francis Tolentino is taking steps to avoid chaos on the roads. Major roads in the traffic-clogged city will be used for car chases and action sequences, Tolentino said. Thus, motorists will be advised about alternative routes during shooting days and MMDA deployed 166 MMDA personnel for the whole shoot of the film and will help crowd control and to re-direct traffic. Private security guards were scattered in all strategic places to thwart overzealous fans or strangers.

During the course of the filming, residents of Abella Court on Leveriza Street in San Andres Complex were not allowed to go out of their house or peek through their windows. But the discomfort was nothing compared to the benefits received by the residents. Roofs of some houses have been repaired for the scene where there will be jumping from one roof to another, the Barangay tanods (somewhat like a county officials in US) in the area said. Another source said the crew already repaired the house and building where Renner will jump from a three-story building to a residential house.

Producers had initially looked at Indonesia and Vietnam as alternative sites but “They chose us because they said they felt more welcome here,” Juban said. 40% of the film will be shot in Manila. The filming in Manila will also take the cast to an old colonial Spanish fortress, a bustling fish port and a major thoroughfare infamous for its bumper-to-bumper traffic. The production will also shoot in various locations in the country such as Marikina market, Navotas fish port, Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard, Jones Bridge, Pasay Rotonda and Palawan. Filming also took place on Long Island, New York.

The character of Jason Bourne, a CIA agent suffering from memory loss, was originally created in a series of books by Robert Ludlum which in turn have been turned into hugely-successful movies: “The Bourne Identity,” “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Bourne Ultimatum,” all starring Matt Damon in the title role.

Here are some fresh photos courtesy of Ms. W. Mangyan from her facebook. Click to enlarge the photo.


Credits to PDI Entertainment news.




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