Steve Jobs- In and Out

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During the last two decades we’ve been hearing his name and it is always associated with Apple products such as iPhone, iMac, iTouch, iPad, etc. Let’s rewind back a bit to know more about him. Steven Paul Jobs or simply Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California and was adopted by Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs. His step father showed him how to dismantle things and reconstruct those back piece by piece. Paul Jobs always used to fix eletronics stuff which gave birth to Steve’s interest in electronics. steve.jpeg

Jobs attended Monta Loma Elementary, Mountain View, Cupertino Junior High and Homestead High School in Cupertino, California.He met Steve Wozniak (apple’s co-founder) in Hewlett-Packard company.

His early career started in Atari, Inc. in Los Gatos, California where he was a technician. Atari gave a task of eliminating possible numbers of chip out of the circuit board. Steve didn’t have a lot of interest or I could say that he didn’t even have enough and broad knowledge in circuitry. He turned to Wozniak and offered a deal of 50-50 of the amount they could get from Atari. It was a success, however the agreement between the two didn’t happen as agreed before. Wozniak only got around 7% of the actual payment. Steve Job didn’t really do a nice job to Wozniak. Atari paid him $5000.

Anyways, Apple computers started from the garage and went out to the market but the company struggled with Steve Jobs attitude of not able to handle his temper. Apple had a poor performance and some personnel lost jobs when the company was facing some issues in 1984. And after a few months, Steve Jobs was fired from Apple.

As a result, Steve Jobs established a new name in the industry-NeXT computers. But it didn’t take that long too, the company was acquired by Apple and he himself went back to the company he founded before.

Steve Jobs as a manager

Steve Jobs revolutionized multiple cutting-edge products but was not the world’s best manager, according to biographer Walter Isaacson. Steve jobs was a great perfectionist. He always wants things to be as good looking in and outside of it. This was how he was mentored by Paul Jobs. He brought marketable fascinating innovations but he was known for his hard edges that oftentimes alienated colleagues and drove investors away.”He was not warm and fuzzy…He was not the world’s greatest manager. In fact, he could have been one of the world’s worst managers” Isaacson said in an interview with ’60 minutes’ on CBS. “He was very petulant. He was very brittle. He could be very, very mean to people at times”.

Steve Jobs was brutally honest. He loved to argue but not everyone around him shared that passion, which drove his top people away. Steve reacted to some previous Apple employees who took early retirement and commented that they are letting money ruin their lives. Steve was determined not to let money change him.

God and life after death

Steve Job was still hopeful that a certain drug could heal and save him from death. But along with this, he became more open in believing life after death and more in God. But sometime he paused for a second and mentioned “Yeah, but sometimes I think it’s just like an on-off switch. Click and you’re gone.” Isaacson said.


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