Photogotchi App : Your new kind of Tamagotchi

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Are you missing the nostalgic Tamagotchi game? If you do, then you better read this.

Tamagotchi, a digital pet, was manufactured by Akihiro Yokoi of WiZ and Aki Maita of Bandai in Japan gained enormous popularity in early 90s. Tamagotchi was addictive and it gained wide range of enthusiasts. From little kids to grown ups and adults, Tamagotchi indeed caused major impact and obsession in all of its users. This classic game is coming back this October. However, the game will be launched by another company who claims that Tamagotchi has finally found its cousin - Photogotchi.


European digital agency CarnationGroup, developer of Photogotchi, said on its site that Photogotchis are relatives of the tamagotchis. Their diet is made ouf of 100% delicious pixels-feed them real life photos and they will grow larger and more colorful! Photogotchi.png

Photogotchi, a free app, starts off as an egg, cracks and then grows up. The main objective of the game is to earn points by taking as many photos as you want to feed your pet.There are several ways to earn points in the game, including taking a lot of photos, sharing them on different social networks or snapping pictures at night. The more points you have, the bigger your creature will get.

The company is also planning to add a feature that will allow users with the same color Photogotchis to play a game against teams with different colors.

Are you excited?

Watch out for this cool app as it hits iPhones and Windows phones this October and relive your childhood days!


The original Tamagotchi.

Source: Photogotchi official website, Mashable, Wikipedia




Posted by on 29 Sep 2012

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