Gwiyomi or Kiyomi Youtube Video - Newest Smash Hit (K-Pop Invasion)

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Gwiyomi or Kiyomi Youtube Video - Newest Smash Hit (K-Pop Invasion)


Gwiyomi or Kiyomi is a Korean slang used to refer someone who is cute though the literal translation of Gwiyomi is "cute little ear" or "cute little spoon".

In February 2013, Gwiyomi or Kwiyomi K-pop single was released by the South Korean musician Hari. The song suddenly draws the attention of the netizens when K-pop idol Jung Il Hoon turned the song into an internet meme. Asian internet users uploaded their own Gwiyomi song onto the internet with an average length of 45-60 seconds.

Kiyomi is trending in youtube but if you haven't watched any of those videos yet, try to play one of the kiyomi videos below.

The Gwiyomi (Bakulaw version)

The Gwiyomi Vice Ganda Version




Posted by on 07 Apr 2013

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