Widespread 'Fake' Php1,000 bills in Metro Manila Alarms Cops

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Widespread 'Fake' Php1,000 bills in Metro Manila Alarms Cops


For the past 3 months fake Php1,000 bills have been spreading in Metro Manila, the Ilocos Region, and the Southern Tagalog Region.

Police warned the public on Tuesday after they arrested 7 suspected members of a counterfeiting syndicate in Pasay City.

The alleged gang members yielded 90 pieces of fake Php1,000 bills, according to police Senior Superintendent Rodolfo Llorca.

He said the fake bills were already put into circulation by the group.

"Accordingly, counterfeit money were believed to be in Maharlika Area, Taguig City and were sold to the group of a certain JR and Roy, both residents of Daang Hari, Taguig City, in the amount of P300 per (each fake) 1,000 peso bill," Llorca added.

Chief Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr., spokesman of the Philippine National Police, urged the public to help authorities in going after counterfeiting syndicates through:

  1. telephone numbers 7255115 or 7253179
  2. by email at pio@pnp.gov.ph
  3. through PNP Hotline "I-TEXT MO KAY TSIP" 0917-8475757 and PNP TXT 2920.

Source: ABS-CBN news




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 12 Mar 2013

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