Boycott Jollibee Singapore Campaign Sparks online amid its launch on March 12, 2013

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Boycott Jollibee Singapore Campaign Sparks online amid its launch on March 12, 2013


Jollibee Singapore is set to serve its crispiest chicken, tastiest & meatiest Jollibee Spaghetti and more starting tomorrow, March 12, 2013.

However, the launch of Jollibee Singapore is surrounded by controversy being brought about by a Singaporean blog, "TR Emeritus".

The article, "Boycott Pinoy-first businesses: Jollibee Singapore" stated:

Unlike other multi-national fastfood restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC which hire mainly Singaporeans and even the disabled and elderly, Jollibee Singapore intends to hire their fellow pinoys to fill up jobs in their latest Singapore venture.

Singaporeans are encouraged to boycott Jollibee Singapore to send a message that foreign businesses which hire foreigners first are not welcome in Singapore, and, businesses which targeted the Singaporean market share and profit off Singaporeans should prioritize job opportunities for Singaporeans first.

It even captured a screenshot of the alleged post of Jollibee Singapore(see photo below).

boycott-jollibee-singapore-opening.jpg readers, this blogger who campaigns for a boycott against the Jollibee store in Singapore misinterpreted the post of Jollibee intentionally to gain more traffic on their website.

Look at the photo thoroughly. Jollibee Singapore said, "Dear Jollibee fans..." and it did not mention "Dear Filipinos who want to be a Jollibee crew."

Do you want a firm proof TR Emeritus? See the photo below- In your face!

Jollibee officially published this announcement on their Facebook page. So, TR Emeritus what the hell are you talking about?


Note: This is NOT a PAID post. is not affiliated to Jollibee Singapore nor any local subsidiaries of Jollibee Foods Corporation. just want to clear out that Philippines will not allow bullies to reign. Just like "Bully China" and "Bully Malaysia", we will stand against them!




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