ADB launches Tutubi Bicycle Project in UST (Prepaid Bike Rent System)

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ADB launches Tutubi Bicycle Project in UST (Prepaid Bike Rent System)

Asian Development Bank of the Philippines' (ADB) Tutubi Rent a Bike System, a bicycle-sharing program available to the public, was tested in UST by some engineering students on Friday. The project was launched by ADB whose headquarters is located in Mandaluyong City.


UST Engineering students try the newly-launched prepaid rent-a-bike system.

Under the program, users could use a bike for free for a given period. After this, they could be charged a fee. By the way, if you borrow a bike, don't plan to steal it. Bradley Schroeder, ADB transport consultant said:

“When you register, you put your details in the card. Since the system works off the internet, it allows the operator to know the time you took the bicycle and the bicycle you took. And if you don’t return it, I know who you are!”

“When I take the bike, I can park it in another station. I can do this anytime I want,” said Schroeder.

There could be as many as 100 stations, depending on arrangements with the government.

Bradley Schroeder also said the project would promote one very important trait—sharing.

Prior to this launch in Manila, ADB has already deployed several units in Davao City.

The idea was broached during the opening day of the biannual three-day Transport Forum 2012 discussing key issues in the public and private vehicular system in Asia and the Pacific—air pollution, climate change and road safety, among others.

Instead of using motorized vehicles that increase greenhouse gas emissions, people could take to the bikes and by pedaling instead of motoring, they could help address pollution, traffic problems and accidents resulting from rapid urbanization, he said.

According to Schroeder, a similar system is already in place in Guangzhou, Montreal and Paris.

The name "Tutubi" was adopted because of its local flavor and is catchy to Filipinos.

Source: GMA news for the photo, PDI news for the Prepaid Bike Rent System Information

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