Smart Delivery Man Accurately Placed a Package Where the Customer Want it to Be

By: DiversityHuman in Strange-Odd News

An intelligent package delivery man precisely put a parcel exactly where the customer requested. How did he accomplish the task? Well, you better read the lines below and discover the smart solution of the driver.

The instruction provided by the customer was quite easy to understand but the delivery driver had a huge challenge since he was required to place the package under the doormat of the owner located at the front door. So what was the exact problem?

The special note of the owner is to put the package underneath the doormat though it’s way too big to hide the object. The clever delivery driver, however, found a solution that could either leave the owner laughing or the other way around.

Here’s the screenshot of the instruction given to the delivery man.




Can you imagine doing this just to follow the special instruction of the customer?




Posted by on 29 Feb 2016

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