Nirvana Members to Reunite, Will Perform Greatest Hit Songs?


Are you ready for the comeback of the number one grunge band? Are you excited for the reunion of Nirvana members and watch them on stage again? Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic appeared last April in "The Tonight Show" starring Jimmy Fallon to bring back the legendary band of the 90’s.

This is very interesting news and I hope that this would materialize anytime soon. It's been over two decades from the time we saw their stunning performances and it would be very nice to see them again, live!

The Hall of Fame Award

Courtney Michelle Love(Kurt’s wife), Wendy (Kurt's mother), Kurt's sister Kim, and Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic were seen on stage to accept and honor Kurt Cobain's Legacy during the Rock and Roll hall of fame awards night, late April 2014.


Several various artists covered their most remarkable songs like Joan Jett who sang Smells like teen spirit, Kim Gordon who sang Aneurysm, St. Vincent who sang Lithium and Lorde who sang All apologies.

A lot reacted about how they sang the song, especially the Nirvana fans. Some said that Frances Cobain, Kurt's daughter, should have sang it all.

Call for Nirvana Reunion

Chad Channing, former drummer of the band, called out Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic to reunite once again, if it’s okay with them, on July 30 at NME interview.

“Like Dave playing guitar singing and Krist doing bass, that’s the only arrangement I could think about as of now.” It's kinda cool but I don't know if it would work since they are way older now!

He was also asked by NME how he feels being excluded in the Rock Hall of fame ceremony, even he’s at the debut album, Bleach (1989) and the song “Polly”.

"I'm fine about it actually. I've always sort of felt that for me, everything's so much more about the music than the accolades."

Bits and pieces of opinion ;)

Honestly, it’s still not “Nirvana” without its lead vocalist. I know we can’t bring back Kurt Cobain, the legendary front man and singer of the band because he is already dead back in 1994 but Courtney Love and I can bring back the legendary story of this man. Courtney is planning to make a biopic of his life within a year. However, today, I'm going to give you a brief overview of the Kurt Cobain's life.

Kurt Cobain was known for his sad life, drug addiction, and music. During his younger years, his parents got separated and as a child he had difficulties in accepting what happened. Knowing he won’t be together with his mom and sister torn him apart. He chose to go with his dad because they have a real good relationship.

Kurt grew up as the center piece of his father and family. His father married another woman and got three children of his own; the relationship between Kurt’s and his dad just broke apart and stopped. It was not easy to understand especially growing up as the center of attention. That’s when his sad life started. He started drinking, taking drugs and spent most of his time with his friends, music and playing guitar.

After his big concert 1994, Kurt Cobain disappeared.

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