Paul George got Miami Stripper "Daniela" Pregnant, Offered $1 Million to Abort the Child?

By: Sherwin in Sports

I have been a big fan of Paul George since he lifted the entire Indiana Pacers team on his back last playoffs against the defending champion Miami Heat. He went head to head with Lebron James and was able to stand his ground against the best basketball player in the planet today. His emergence as a new NBA superstar wasn't only because of his superb basketball skills, but also due to the humility that he showed to his fans, teammates and even to his opponents.

But a scandalous news broke out last month, which will surely tarnish reputation of Paul George from now on. He did something shameful and I am fairly sure that every casual basketball fans will agree with me. Paul impregnated a Miami stripper then offered $1 million to the girl to convince her to discontinue her pregnancy. What’s even worse is the fact that she is currently dating NBA coach Doc River’s daughter and yet still had the guts to go for an unprotected sex with a stripper. That’s what he gets from his infidelity.


The soon to be mom of George’s baby named Daniela allegedly declined his offer. In fact, she is very proud about her condition and is even taking selfies wearing high heels while showing off her pregnancy. Poor George, now he has to settle paying for child support for their baby which will approximately amount to $3 million a year for 17 years based from New York State Child Support.


Despite the fact that George’s isn't ready to have his first baby yet and the scrupulous huge financial support that he’s going to give, I am more concerned about Callie Rivers’ feelings. How would coach Doc River’s daughter feel about this? I’m pretty sure she’ll be extremely hurt, however, she still have to be thankful that this thing happened. She was spared from having a future douchebag hubby. What do you think would be her dad's reaction to this scandal? Will he employ a Hack-a-George tactic and spoil him the moment they go up against Indiana? (Just kidding!).




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Posted by on 31 Mar 2014

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