Is it Farewell for BlackBerry Now?

By: Sherwin in Technology

(Blackberry is Nearing its Downfall as more of its Employees were Cut)

Today, the stature of brand “Blackberry” isn’t the same as it was five years ago. A couple of years ago, you can always find BlackBerry being associated with excecutives and elistists as their favored brand of phone. BlackBerry users even look down at Apple, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung phone consumers. Five years after, a lot of things have changed. BlackBerry’s revenue have dipped drastically thanks to the emergence of Apple and Android phones.


While BlacBerry users still enjoy this compact wireless handheld computer and its BlackBerry Mail feature, it’s manufacturer RIM ( Research in Motion Ltd. ) has come to a point where they finally feel the effect of lagging behind the technological innovations of some of its gigantic competitors and came into the realization that BlackBerry is in deep turmoil and that they are probably threatening the death of their storied franchise. RIM is continuously laying off its employees and even top executives were included in the said move. The plunging revenue of BlackBerry is the reason for its looming downfall. It was said that their revenue plummetted by as low as 75%. They are in a very disappointing condition right now, too pitiable that their rival Microsoft even offered them to take over their company.

However, Blackberry the only one doing a downhill slide. According to wireless industry analyst Horace Dediu, Nokia’s Symbian platform went from 47% share to 16% in three years, Microsoft’s phone platforms went from 12% to 1%, RIM’s went from 17% to 12%, and other platforms went from 21% to zero. Meanwhile, over a two year period, Google’s Android OS went from zero to 48% and Apple’s iOS went from 2% to 19%. Motorola have recently been purchased by Google too so that says a lot about Google spearheading the market.

The latest worldwide move of BlackBerry to cut cost was evident when it closed its office in Halifax area which eliminated more than 300 high-paying job positions in their company. a statement issued by the smartphone maker said that the location in suburban Bedford would be shut down as well which will affect more than 350 employees. Most of them work as technical support representatives.

According to an equity analyst at Jacob Securities in Toronto named Sameet Kanade, the job cuts are aimed at reducing costs in advance of the company's sale.

However, Kanade said he was surprised the company continues to eliminate jobs. "If it's not over and they keep cutting, there will be no one working at BlackBerry. ... There can't be more fat to trim. They're actually cutting the prime meat."

If this thing continues to take place, we can completely expect the closure of the BlackBerry market which is very depressing on my part since I’ve had the chance to use a BlackBerry phone before, and it really satisfied me considering the fact that I am a scrupulous smarthpone user.




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Posted by on 01 Jan 2014

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