Pinoy BodyBuilder wins Gold, 2013 Arnold Classic Competition

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Pinoy BodyBuilder wins Gold, 2013 Arnold Classic Competition


Kuwait-based Filipino bodybuilder, Ariel Guong, has won the gold at the prestigious bodybuilding competition held recently in Madrid, Spain. Guong joined the 75 kilos below category of the 2013 Arnold Classic and bagged the gold medal.

"First of all, I'm very happy for winning the bodybuilding competition because it gives pride to the whole Filipino community around the world," Ariel Guong said.

Ariel at this time could still not believe that he beat other international bodybuilders.

"I was feeling so nervous at the backstage. But when I got myself on the stage, I tried to be confident as much as I could. Everytime I posed, I smiled to overcome the tension I felt. Thanks to God for giving the strength," the pinoy bodybuilder said.


Meanwhile, getting to the top wasn't easy as Ariel Guong and his colleagues had to undergo a very difficult training in preparation for the competition.

"The most important thing to consider is self-discipline. You have to be conscious with your sleeping habit, follow regular workout sessions, and choose the right food to take. Of course, everything will be useless without God," he said.

His fellow bodybuilders in Kuwait are happy for his successful bid in the competition. Guong promised to train even harder to give further honor to the Philippines through the field of bodybuilding.

"We’re not just going to stop there. Actually we are planning to compete in Bahrain for a big event known as Mr. Olympia Amateur," said Machris Delfin, press relations officer of FitPro Kuwait.

The 2013 Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition was headed by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger.-with report from ABS-CBN news




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