BINALOT's courtesy - I LOVE it!

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Readers: This is not a sponsored article. I didn't get a single penny for writing this article. I just want to share my own personal experience as a loyal customer of "Binalot".

I just finished my dinner from one of my favorite food destinations, "Binalot". I was supposed to eat my usual meal, "Pinakbet" but for whatever reason it's not available. The cashier instead offered me-'Laing". Pretty much she is already familiar with my diet. I don't eat meat but I am not a vegetarian. Alright, I was confident that there was no meat in it. So, I took my tray, went to the table, and started eating. Unfortunately, I saw a big chunk of pork! My head was suddenly boiling with anger, I started to vent out, and I was about to make a scene. But I realized, I shouldn't be like that and be the topic of those customers who were also eating that time. I tried to rationalize things in a matter of 30 seconds and thought of the cashier's initiative of promoting their new product. So I remain seated and waited for some sort of customer service from them. And yes, at least the cashier made her own decision right then and there. She showed her best effort, she apologized and told me that she was not really aware that there's meat added to it. The last part isn't really a good excuse but at least she made an attempt to calm me down. I saw how serious she was when we had our conversation. There was fear in her eyes. I don't know if she was afraid of me or she was thinking of her liabilities to her boss. But anyways, after a minute she told me that I could either get a full refund of my entire meal or have it replaced with a different viand. binalot.png

For me, those actions were descent and she did what she suppose to do. Was I happy? Yes, though it didn't exceed my expectations but at least she met my expectations.

I've been eating in Binalot for many months now and I would still remain as one of their loyal customers.

Thank you "Binalot". I appreciate what you've done today!

A short FYI!

"Binalot" became so popular of it's unique style of wrapping meals using banana leaves. This is not really a trademark of "Binalot" since this is a common practice of Filipinos specially those who are living in the provinces who could not afford to buy plastic wares (food boxes). In return, this style makes the customers feel the warmth of being served by their parents, grandmas, and grandpas.

It's “Dangal at Hanapbuhay para sa Nayon” (Dahon) program provides income to a community of banana farmers in Laguna. The farmers were trained by Binalot personnel on the proper handling of banana leaves that are used to wrap the meals served by Binalot.

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Posted by on 24 Jan 2012

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