The story of a 15-year-old kid who almost consider a certain mall as his own home in Laguna province is currently making the rounds online. This draws a lot of attention since he inspires random people he meet inside the shopping center in Sta. Rosa.

You might be puzzled as to what is the underlying story behind this jolly boy who gamely entertain strangers in Robinson's mall, Sta. Rosa. At first glance, he looks just like any other ordinary kid but once you know the details of his life, tears will surely drop from your eyes.

Meet Tristan Dynel Gogit, the kid who crossed path with Elisa Regalario Secillano at the food court in Robinson's mall, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.


Tristan was trying to get the attention of mall-goers when he spotted Elisa, the netizen who shared his inspring story on social media. Tristan slowly came closer to Elisa to beg help so he can buy his medicine for his ailing one last kidney. This is where the heartbreaking story has all started.

According to Elisa, Tristan went to their table and sat opposite to them. Then the kid gently asked her if he could sing in exchange of medicine that he needs. The group was initially hesitant but Elisa convinced her friends since she previously saw the performance of the boy.

The friends of Secillano were totally amazed the moment Tristan started to sing the Christian song "Hesus". The golden voice of the kid sounded like a tune of an angel singing from heaven.

Elisa quickly took her phone to record Tristan which she uploaded on Facebook.

Here's the viral video.