Response of the Arrogant Condo Owner to his Online B@shers

Is there a good way to defend yourself after you publicly humiliated someone in the neighborhood? Well, there might be a way but it's a tough one to think of. Read this story and see if you can suggest the most effective way to handle the situation.

The infamous arrogant condominium owner at Gateway Garden Heights, Mandaluyong posted several responses to his b@shers and h@ters on Facebook to defend himself from name calling and defamations. The homeowner received such harsh feedback due to his wild apprehension and verbal attack to a certain tenant of the said building.

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Arrogant Plane Passenger Slaps Female Flight Attendant of Cebu Pacific

Manila, Philippines – An arrogant plane passenger allegedly slapped a female flight attendant who tried to assist the woman inside the Cebu Pacific jet. The cabin crew was hit on her face resulting to some bruises on her skin.

A few background information regarding the incident

A female flight attendant of Cebu Pacific Air allegedly refused to stow the luggage of a woman passenger whose husband is a high ranking official in the Armed Forces of the Philippines(AFP). The heated conversation between the two parties resulted to a not so pleasant encounter. From the post of a certain Madel Ty, the plane passenger allegedly attacked and slapped the cabin crew after the latter declined to provide the demand of the arrogant woman.


Madel Ty, who is the lead crew, shared the horrifying confrontation between the female flight attendant and the passenger. More importantly, Madel emphasized their plan to bring the case to the court.

The not so detailed information posted by Ty on Facebook has been shared over 3,000 times last night and it continues to receive public support. Most of the netizens shared their sympathy to the flight attendant who was attacked by the angry passenger. They also believe that it’s rightful to file formal charges against the passenger who was too abusive because of the authority of her husband.

Here’s the viral post of Madel Ty.

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Maricel Villamayor Raped, Killed, and Dumped in Sorsogon Cliffside

A rape-slay victim "Maricel Villamayor " was thrown off the side of a cliff in the province of Sorsogon. She was reportedly murdered after the unidentified suspect committed the sexual assault. 

The family and relatives of the rape victim cry justice over the crime that reportedly occurred in the remote town of Matnog, Sorsogon. The body of Maricel was retrieved at the cliffside in Barangay Sinangatan last July 22, 2016.


Photos of Maricel Villamayor were uploaded on Facebook. In those pictures, it appears that she was brutally killed by the unknown suspect(s) after the sexual attack.

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Activist Carlos Celdran Blames Duterte, Calls President Duterte's Supporters M*RONS

Manila, Philippines – Carlos Celdran, the controversial cultural activist and supporter of Mar Roxas, blamed Duterte voters for all the killings in the Philippines. He also said, “F*ck all you Duterte m$rons!”

The infamous tour guide in Intramuros, Manila has again released a statement against the 16 million people who voted President Rodrigo Duterte. Celdran also mentioned that the Philippine National Police(PNP) are slaughtering innocent people in Metro Manila.


F*ck this shit. F*ck this f*cking shit. And f*ck all you Duterte m*r0ns who voted for that monster and his useless mindless bloodbath. This scholar’s blood is on your hands. Sleep well, assholes, and thanks for killing our country. One innocent at a time. #oneinnocentatatime

Carlos lamented over the death of a 20-year-old college scholar student Jefferson Bunuan whom he said that the poor kid wasn’t really involved in any crime nor drug-related cases. The activist did not believe the explanations of the PNP including the reports of the police claiming that all operations and killings were fully verified and legally acceptable by the rule of law.

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Gina Lopez to Send Chinese Mining Companies Back to Mainland China

Secretary Gina Lopez firmly warns Chinese mining companies to comply with the Philippine mining standards else they will be sent home to mainland China. The recent actions of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR) Secretary are lauded by the Filipino citizens and thousands of environmetalists around the world. In the first two weeks of Gina Lopez serving as DENR Secretary, she has already suspended five mining companies operating in the country. She explained that her efforts will never stop unless all mining operators will strictly adhere to the guidelines issued by DENR relating to environmental safety standards.

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De Lima Eagerly Pushes Investigation on Killings of Drug Personalities

There are people who remains happy on Duterte's campaign against crime and illegal drugs but a neophyte Senator of the Philippines Leila de Lima is eagerly pushing series of investigations against the cops who were involved in a bloody encounter with drug pushers and makers of the prohibited substance.


Members of the Philippine National Police(PNP) are currently facing threats in their job functions because Senator Leila de Lima just formally submitted a resolution to probe the police officials who support the platform of Duterte administration particularly in eliminating drug-related cases in 3-6 months.

Millions of people felt odd about the actions of De Lima considering that the plans of Duterte are well-love by the citizens.

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Stupid Love Cover of Camp Sawi Sexy Stars Earns Praises on Social Media

The "Stupid Love" cover of sexy actresses Arci Muñoz, Andi Eigenmann, Yassi Pressman, Bela Padilla, and Kim Molina is currently making the rounds online. The video that was uploaded yesterday has been viewed over a million times making it as one of the top trending covers of the "Camp Sawi" stars on the internet.


In the description of the video, the group mentioned that the classic hit song "Stupid Love" will surely be included in what they jokingly call team Sawi playlist. Having that said, the ladies decided to come up with their own version of the song which was popularized by Salbakuta in early 2000's.

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[Rape Culture] Tito Sotto's Victim-Blaming Remark Is Unacceptable

Manila, Philippines – Senator Tito Sotto again receives heavy criticisms from the netizens after he delivered an irresponsible victim-blaming remarks in a particular segment of the longest noon time show “Eat Bulaga".

Thousands, if not millions, of netizens on social media cried foul over the controversial demeaning statements of Senator Sotto against a game contestant who was allegedly molested by her drinking buddies. The disrespectful comments of Sotto allegedly implies that the lady was at fault for joining the drinking session knowing that she is a woman.

The senator, who was previously linked to plagiarism issues a few years back, argued on air that in situations similar to what was described by the woman would really mean that a girl would be prone to harassment. The following statement further ignited the emotions of several women on Facebook as well as other moralists citing that Senator Sotto was too tackless on his remarks.

Kasalanan ng lahat ng iyan eh ang paginom. Kababae mong tao pa-shot shot ka?", Tito Sotto said on Eat Bulaga.

The video containing the intriguing statements, along with the comments quoted from the Senator, became the top trending topic on all social media platforms.

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[Shocking] Talended Singer Jay-R Siaboc Surrenders to the Cops

The talented singer and former Pinoy Dream Academy(PDA) contender Jay-R Siaboc reportedly turned himself to the police station in Toledo City, Cebu. He purportedly surrendered to the cops after learning that the Duterte administration is really serious in its campaign against illegal drugs in the country.


In just less than 5 days of the new Philippine leadership, thousands of drug dependents and pushers voluntarily surrendered to the Philippine National Police(PNP). Surprisingly, in a similar situation the famous band vocalist Jay-R who joined the popular reality TV show aired on ABS-CBN went to the police station in Cebu to formally submit himself due to his alleged involvement in drug addiction.

Jay-R Siaboc was accompanied by his cousin on Tuesday after his relatives successfully convinced him to proceed to the government agency. However, a certain news outlet mentioned that Siaboc's decision was not primarily a result to the influence of his friends and close relatives but he was also pressured on social media after several netizens are spreading rumors that he is one of the top drug pushers in the south.

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Kim Domingo's Cool Trumpets Challenge Dance Video on Facebook is Beyond Awesome

Kim Domingo released her own version of the latest craze called "Trumpets Dance Challenge" on social media. Her short video earned millions of views in just a couple of hours after she published the content on her own Facebook account.

The sexy star, who is regularly seen in the longest gag show in the Philippines "Bubble Gang", was apparently trying to kill boredom while she was at her home. Then she thought of something to keep her awake. This was the time when she immediately crafted an impromptu dance choreography that delighted her fans and followers on the internet.

The viral video has a caption that reads:

When boredom strikes ! Peace ✌🏼️ Hahahaha !!!! #TrumpetsBaliwanVersion

In the video, Kim is seen wearing a short shorts paired with a pink t-shirt. Domingo gamely danced to the tune of Trumpets and repeatedly did some twerking.

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Floating Shabu Laboratory Discovered in Subic Zambales

Zambales, Philippines -- A large ship anchored in Subic bay appeared like an ordinary floating vessel from the shoreline but it was later discovered that it houses a multi-million shabu laboratory.

The Philippine authority raided a floating Shabu lab right after they received several reliable reports from their intelligence division. The document reportedly cited a foreign ship as the main operating ground for large scale production of prohibited drugs in the country.

The Philippine National Police and no less than PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa conducted an operation aiming to seize tons of chemical drugs which they believed stored inside the floating vessel.

The arresting officers, in full battle gears, strategically attacked the ship thinking that the people onboard will show resistance to the government forces. When the police successfully took control of the ship, they immediately captured the foreigners inside the marine vessel who were later identified as Hongkong nationals.

Screenshot from GMA evening news report "24 Oras"

Upon inspecting the decks of the ship, the authorities retrieved one pack of Shabu. Surprisingly, the big chemical containers they found in the ship were all empty. PNP investigators initially mentioned that the group could have probably received a warning that the Philippine police is targeting the ship. In addition, the cops mentioned that the suspects could have disposed their manufactured Shabu ahead of time since the area is already well-organized.

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Pretty Student Sexually Harassed by a Man Inside the Jeepney

You are about to read a disturbing news involving a girl student who was sexually harassed by a jeepney passenger while she was on her way to school yesterday–July 11, 2016.

Manila, Philippines – A girl student bravely shared the details of her scary experience when she encountered a man inside the jeepney who suddenly exposed his manhood and played with it in front of her very own eyes.


The student identified as Giezel Cruz narrated the incident on Facebook which immediately draw the attention of Filipino sympathizers. She also uploaded a short video that would prove her claims.

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Baron Geisler Challenges Mo Twister for a URCC fight?

Is there going to be another URCC fight for Baron Geisler? This is the latest question from netizens after they read the rants of Baron against the infamous DJ Mo Twister.

Rumors regarding the Baron Geisler-Mo Twister martial arts match intensified after Mo Twister dropped the famous line "Ano? Tara na?" in one of his responses to Baron.


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Giant Pineapple Scares the Villagers in Tacloban

The mysterious giant pineapple in Tacloban, Leyte scares the local residents thinking that it's a sign that something bad is about to happen in their town.

Steve Nash Diaz, the boy who planted the seed of the fruit right after Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the province in 2013, doesn't have any clue on what has caused the fruit to look differently. All he did from the time he planted the pineapple seeds was to regularly sprinkle the plant with ample water to ensure that it will grow healthy in their backyard. The family of the boy didn't notice something strange in the pineapple until its fruit has grown bigger and started to develop a weird shape.

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Solenn Heussaff exposed her Breast on Snapchat Video

Sexy model Solenn Heussaff accidentally showed off her breast on snapchat while she was trying to share some of her morning routines. The Filipina-French TV host had to delete the controversial snapchat video after some of her close friends noticed the boob slip.

Solenn Heussaff previously had an alleged nipple slip video where she was seen singing with a friend. They gamely recorded their happy moment and she apparently didn't notice that her nipple was protruding on her almost see-through t-shirt. It was easy for her to defend that particular video but in the latest snapchat clip her breast was clearly captured.

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Jeepney Driver Plays His Private Parts While Driving in Pasay City

A jeepney driver openly unzipped his pants and played his sexual organ while driving in Pasay city. The act was also caught on cam by the female passenger who later reported the driver to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board(LTFRB).

The female commuter allegedly boarded a jeepney in Pasay with plate number PYP 878 whose route is Baclaran-Nichols and vice versa. Thinking that the driver is quite nice and harmless, the female passenger named Carissa Marcia sat at the front seat. When they reached the other side of Aurora Boulevard, the suspect suddenly exposed his penis and started stroking it. He seemed to be aroused by the sex appeal of the beautiful lady next to him.


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(PHOTO) Pia Wurtzbach is Rogue Magazine Cover Girl - June 2016 Issue

The stunning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is the Rogue cover girl on its June 2016 issue. The local men's magazine named Wurtzbach as one of the 50 influential Filipinos on the internet.

Wurtzbach has won the hearts of the Filipinos as proven by solid followers on her social media account. The beauty queen's official Instagram account recently recorded a total of 2.5M of supporters (or maybe that includes her bashers too who continuously annoy her posts).

Unlike common magazine cover photos, the digital work of Rogue's official photographer was not overly photoshopped giving Pia Wurtzbach a super natural look.

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Man Secretly Recorded a Woman Taking a Shower in Pasay, Was Shot in His Lower Chest

A peeping tom used his mobile phone to record a woman inside a shower room in Pasay city last Sunday.

A man allegedly sneaked into to his neighbor's property and secretly placed his cellphone on the window to film a lady who was busy inside the shower room. The evil plan of the suspect, however, was interrupted when the victim identified as "Jackie Lou" noticed the gadget.

The woman sought help from the owner of the apartment, Alberto Antiquera, who is also a Barangay officer. Jackie Lou allegedly mentioned that the phone belongs to another tenant whose name is Larry Ibañez.


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COMELEC Favors Extension on SOCE Submission, Advantage to Liberal Party

For whatever reasons, the Commission on Elections(COMELEC) announced the extension of submission of statement of contributions and expenditures (SOCE). The sudden shift was formally reported by local news outlets, thus, any political party is now allowed to proceed the late filing of required documents.

Other political analysts predicted the decision of the COMELEC while others are vehemently opposing the judgment of the national elections officials. In general, this topic has sparked an online debate since the rule was clearly disseminated to all political parties that the hard deadline would only be until June 8, 2016.

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British singer Boy George Admires Gretchen Fullido, said She is "Very Pretty"

George Alan O'Dowd popularly known as Boy George is currently in the country for their world concert tour. The famous British lead singer of the pop band "Culture Club" was significantly impressed by the beauty and unique sex appeal of  Gretchen Fullido. In an interview, Boy George told Gretchen, "You are pretty!"

George long ago confessed that he is a gay person. However, the beauty of Gretchen Fullido has caught his attention in certain interview on Thursday. In that particular occasion, Boy George said, "If I wasn't a gay..." then he paused for a bit, smiled and winked to Gretchen.

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