5 Things I WILL do on Christmas Eve
1.) Go to Church
It’s Jesus’ birthday isn’t it? It’s only fitting that I visit His house first and greet him a happy birthday! It’s not even for the sake of meeting other people. It’s to remember the essence of why we’re actually celebrating this holiday in the first place.

2.) Eat!
This is no time for diet! Worry about your weight some other time. Eat that night and be merry. Stuff your face with that chocolate fountain, dig in those chickens, have your fill with the pasta and make the most of the celebration. I overheard people the other day saying they wouldn't eat on Christmas Eve because there are other people starving (Probably referring to the victims of Yolanda). Look, they won’t feel any better just because YOU’RE starving yourself that night. You don’t have to feel guilty. I bet you've given your share of help to them anyway. I’m pretty sure they’re all eating, enjoying with their families and are filled with hope in their hearts. That’s what Filipinos are capable of; to still be able to celebrate Christmas no matter what went on with the year.