Traits, Characters, and Attributes that make Filipinas Beautiful

1.) The natural dark brown to black hair Filipinas have, it’s beautiful. Their hair is their crowning glory and they look good with whatever they do with it.

2.) Sun-kissed skin is effortless. While some have to go out and bathe themselves under the sun to get the perfect sun-kissed skin, Filipinas got it going on. And haven’t you noticed that they look good whether their skin is porcelain or tan? Still, the natural sun-kissed skin tone is perfection.


3.) Expressive eyes. Filipinas have the most expressive eyes you can find anywhere. You can tell if they’re mad, sad, and even when they’re lying. A Filipina could bat her eyes at you and you’re trapped!

4.) Sense of humor. Filipinas just have this natural sense of humor in them. Whether they’re trying to be funny or not, they can make you laugh uncontrollably. Mostly because they can be awkward and it’s just so much fun to be around them.