Maine "Yaya Dub" Mendoza is also wearing makeups on majority of her TV shows but as mentioned by several women, the beauty of Paloma is far pleasing compared to Yaya Dub causing the fans of Maine to react on social media. This brings up an online debate if Paloma is realistically beautiful compared to Yaya Dub.

Instead of unending exchange of hurtful comments on Facebook, a certain group decided to come up with a survey question to settle the ongoing debate. Here's a screenshot of the survey and comments from both supporters of the famous local celebrities.


While the rival network continues to position Yaya Dub as its main star, there has been allegations on social media that it failed to hone new talents. Other commenters also mentioned that the network is no longer able to come up with additional programs that would showcase some other actresses.

The content of this post were based from the information gathered from various Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and personal statuses of individuals on social media. doesn't bear any intent to cause damage to Coco Martin nor to Yaya Dub. They are equally beautiful to us.