Plagiarism complaint from three US bloggers will set Tito Sotto in hot waters

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Three US-based bloggers, Sarah Couture Pope of Healthy Home Economist; Janice Formichella of Feminists for Choice; and Peter Engelman of New York University's Margaret Sanger Papers Project signed the complaint in protest of Sen. Tito Sotto's "infringement of their intellectual property rights and plagiarism of their copyrighted material as posted on their respective blogs." 3-us-bloggers-plagiarism-complaint-tito-sotto.jpg

The bloggers are yet to file a unified complaint against Senator Vicente "Tito" Sotto III for allegedly plagiarizing their work in his speeches.

The collective complaint noted that at no time did Senator Sotto provide citation information or indicate in any way that this material was written by others. The said document was signed and dated October 1, 2012.

In an email sent to GMA news from one of the signatories, blogger Janice Formichella, indicated that their complaint will be filed before the Philippine Senate Ethics Committee, headed by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, but gave no date for when they plan to file it.

"We find this misuse of our work to be deceptive, unethical, illegal and unacceptable. Neither Senator Sotto nor anyone associated with him requested permission to use our articles and blog entries, or contacted us or anyone associated with our publications," it stated.

A facsimile of the signed document was sent to GMA News Online by Canada-based writer and novelist Miguel Syjuco, who has been in contact with all the complainants.


Meanwhile, Tito Sotto said he had yet to be informed of the complaint. The senator is still confident that he did not commit plagiarism.

"It's a welcome development because that will give me a chance to prove there was no such thing (pertaining to the plagiarism accusations)," the senator said.

In countless encounters with the press, Tito Sotto strongly emphasized that there are no pertinent laws that can be used against him.

Tito Sotto also recently became infamous of his participation in the insertion of libel in the controversial Cybercrime Prevention Law or RA 10175.

Source: GMA news

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