Ted DiNunzio|99-year-old man is Nordstrom's Only Greeter

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Ted DiNunzio|99-year-old man is Nordstrom's Only Greeter


Instead of traveling and enjoying his retirement, Ted DiNunzio, a 99-year old California man is still working as the lone greeter of Nordstrom's 248 stores in 33 states.

DiNunzio can still recall the day when he was first noticed by the store manager while he was killing time in Nordstrom talking to its customers. "I was retired and I would go in the store every day and talk to the boys and have conversations and all that," he told ABCNews.com.

The store manager invited him to have a cup of coffee and later he got an offer to be a store greeter. Ted DiNunzio happily accepted the job. 14 years has passed, DiNunzio still works on Fridays and Saturdays from about 10 to 5, with one-hour lunch break and a 10-minute rest period.


"It's very nice," he said of working at Nordstrom. "All the people who come in know me and give me a hug. A lot of children come up to me and ask if they can give me a hug. Girls who grew up in the store and go to college come back and say, 'I remember you from when I was a little girl.' I make a lot of new friends," he told KABC.

"He just makes this place a fun place to be," Nordstrom store manager Marcille Hughes told KABC, explaining that customers look for him if he is not working. "If he's not here, they will absolutely make a call to me or they'll go to customer service. They are always concerned," she said.

Ted DiNunzio is a retired meat cutter from California, who will turn 100 this December. He has a son, two granddaughters and plenty of nieces and nephews. When asked about the key to his longevity, DiNunzio said he eats a lot of vegetables and steak once in a while.

"I smile at everybody," he told KABC. "I say hello to everybody, even when I'm walking outside, out on the street."

When asked whether he will ever stop working at Nordstrom, he said, "I will keep on working until I can't work anymore."




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 16 Jul 2013

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