Suspects in Cyrish Magalang murder case nabbed in Cavite [details of the killing][Videos]

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Roel Gacita, 24-year old tricycle driver and Rolin Gacita, 27, a vegetable vendor were identified as the suspects of the brutal death of Cyrish Magalang. The two suspects were arrested in Cavite after a witness provided the details of their identities. rolin-gacita-suspect.jpg

The suspects were presented to the public during the press conference in Cavite. In an interview of GMA news, Rolin Gacita said that he masterminded and he influenced his brother regarding the robbery plan--to rob any passenger that would ride in Roel's tricycle.

Below are the series of events late night Tuesday as narrated by Gacita brothers.

  • Cyrish Magalang went onboard in Roel Gacita's tricycle.
  • Cyrish directed Roel to drive into her residence in Camilia Springville subdivision in Molino Bacoor.
  • Roel pulled over right after they passed a bridge.
  • Rolin Gacita, who looked strange and uneasy, rode the tricycle and seated at the backseat
  • When the suspects reached a dark zone, Roel Gacita decided to make a right turn at the corner where he supposed to make a left turn.
  • Rolin went off from the backseat and went straight into the main passenger seat --seated side by side with Cyrish.
  • Rolin pointed a screwdriver to the victim and said that they will rob her and the suspects has to bring Cyrish into an abandoned house where they plan to leave her.
  • When they reached the house, Cyrish sensed a rape attempt from the two causing the victim to fight back to defend herself.


The last scenario triggered one of the suspects to stab the victim multiple times using a screwdriver and he also dropped a hollow block onto the head's victim.

Rolin claimed that it was not their intention to kill Cyrish Magalang. Rolin only opted to kill the victim when Cyrish started to scream and fought back. He also said that he was only under the influence of drugs. The suspects tried to convince the victim's mother that if they can turn back the time they would not kill her daughter knowing that they also have their own family too.

While Rolin Gacita admitted the brutal killing, he also insisted that his brother is innocent and said that Roel did not play any role in the actual killing except for the fact that the tricycle was owned by Roel and he drove the victim into the crime scene.

The suspects were captured by authorities at 4a.m. on Saturday after a 3-day non-stop operation. The tricycle with a license plate - CSM2719 which was allegedly used by the suspects was also recovered.

As of this writing, the suspects don't have any legal adviser yet. However, both of them are now facing robbery with homicide and attempted rape with homicide.

There is no capital punishment in the Philippines, hence these guys would still be happy enough to remain alive.




Posted by on 03 Nov 2012

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