Professor Molested a 15-year-old Student in Parañaque, Rape Charges Filed Against the Teacher

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A P.E. professor allegedly molested and repeatedly raped a 15-year-old girl who happens to be a student in his own class. The controversial report made headlines when a major news outlet released the details of the sexual abuse committed by the academic instructor in Parañaque city.

The alleged suspect, who raped the student three times, was arrested by Parañaque Mayor's Action Team thru an entrapment operation setup in a certain convenient store. In the actual footage shared by the authorities to the local media, the professor confidently kissed the victim as if feeling zero threat in the surrounding.

However, what seems to be a normal day to the alleged rapist, who was later identified as Kirk Patrick Ferrer, became a tragic memory when the arresting officers showed up in front of him. The professor was securely handcuffed by the police and was brought to the precinct for further interrogation.

Meanwhile, another video showing the teary-eyed suspect revealed that the victim Michelle, not her real name, and him are allegedly in a relationship. He denied the sexual harassment and rape allegations raised by the guardian of the victim who is a single parent of three.

The rape issue has linked a certain reputable computer academic institution in Parañaque. Jhef Culala Mangulabnan said that the school where the professor has worked before is STI college. This report immediately alarmed the community of STI causing its Public Relations Officer to issue a statement that Kirk Ferrer is no longer connected with the campus in Parañaque.

Despite the defense of the college administration and its staff, STI's reputation remains at stake after ABS-CBN news mentioned in its report citing the rape incident was committed by the professor during his employment at the school which was in academic year 2014-2015.




Posted by on 21 Jun 2016

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