Sink Hole/Fault Line in Pangasinan Causes Panic

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A land fissure found at a certain school in Pangasinan triggered concerns among students, teachers, and parents. The panic incident was merely due to many people who believe that it's a sink hole or could have been a new fault line traversing the school's perimeter.


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A land crack or fissure was discovered by the students of Balite Sur Elementary School during the Brigada Eskwela 2015 clean-up behind their campus in Pangasinan. The initial report immediately spread to local residents causing sudden panic and fear to parents of the children.

The alleged fault line was reportedly spotted in the area where the students usually do their gardening activities. When other students heard the news regarding the land crack in their school, they opted to move away from the location believing that it's a sink hole.

The possible danger and threat to human lives prompted the experts from Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) to conduct an ocular inspection last Friday. The vicinity of Balite Sur Elementary school was thoroughly investigated for other possible land cracks.

Senior Geologist Jose Lignis Jr explained that the sinking of the ground is due to the lowering of the water table. Underground water might have evaporated due to instense heat in Pangasinan area or it could have been depleted due to pumping of water from deep wells.

The expert stressed that people of Pangasinan should not worry on the reported sink hole or land fissure since it is normally occuring in various parts of the province. Lignis explained that sink holes would only occur in the areas where limestone deposit is present. Underground water dissolves limestones causing the surface to crack and collapse. Moreover, the MGB assured the community and students Pangasinan elementary school that it's not a fault line nor a deadly sink hole.

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