Ruben Kebeng, Pinoy tanker driver, blamed for Riyadh Blast

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Ruben Kebeng, a native of Benguet, was confirmed as the fuel tanker driver and now being blamed for the fuel truck blast in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. ruben-kebeng.jpg

It has been reported that Ruben Kebeng's cousin was part of the convoy who also drove another fuel truck. His cousin noticed a fuel leaking from Ruben's tanker which prompted him to inform Ruben immediately via text message.

Maybe in fear of his safety, Ruben Kebeng allegedly jumped out of the fuel tanker. The unmanuevered tanker slammed straight into a fly over bridge, it got caught on fire, and later a loud explosion echoed the place.

The blast also left a completely blown building and cars smeared with blood. Aside from 133 injured individuals which includes 11 Filipinos, the accident randomly killed 22 innocent people including one (1) Filipino national. ruben-kebeng-fuel-driver-saudi.jpg

Ruben escaped from death but he is currently in jail.

After the bloody accident, the probe is now being centered to Ruben Kebeng which stirs the emotions of his relatives in the Philippines. Novena Kebeng-wife of Ruben, and the Kebeng family denies and won't accept the blame to be put onto Ruben. ruben-kebeng-saudi-tanker-blast.jpg Raul Hernandez, Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokeperson, said that Ruben Kebeng is still considered a suspect and no grounds yet firmly established that would point Ruben Kebeng is guilty of any crime.

Philippine Ambassador, Ezzedin Tago, on the other hand said that a lawyer will be provided to assist the case of Kebeng.

As of press time, DFA officials are not allowed to take a visit to Ruben Kebeng nor allowed to directly speak with the Filipino tanker driver.

The total estimated damage is around Php3.3 billion.

Source: ABS CBN news

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