Robot Rock Band performance, Live in Tokyo Japan - Video

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Robot Rock Band performance, Live in Tokyo Japan - Video


Z-Machines, a three-piece robot rock band, made its live debut performance in Tokyo, Japan in collaboration with Japanese pop girl duo, Amoyamo.

According to Telegraph, Japan's all-robot rock band is led by guitarist Mach, keyboardist Cosmo, and drummer Ashura. The three robot rockers took to the stage to perform three songs including "Post People, Post Party," a song composed exclusively by renowned Japanese electronica icon DJ Tasaka. The group's first live performance was seen by 100 people on Monday, June 24.

If you guys notice, the mechanical rock band is somewhat weird. Just check this out!

The robot guitarist has 78 fingers
Drummer Ashura rocks out with 22 sticks
The keyboardist shoots laser beams out of its eyes


But despite of their weird looks, they performed well.

Z-Machines, was designed by engineers and academics at Tokyo University who hope to send Z-machines to space.


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