Prince Harry's first public appearance after his wild nude Vegas party

By: jayleen in Celebrity

Prince Harry finally resurfaced this weekend after his wild naked Vegas party which alleged photo shown below (courtesy of TMZ & The Sun) leaked into the internet. The prince showed up at the WellChild Awards in London, a part of the Paralympic activities.

In his first public appearance since the nude photo scandal, Prince Harry keeps his clothes on. The prince in a suit and tie laughed with kids and getting hugs and kisses from one enthusiastic little girl at the WellChild Awards in London.

Prince Harry later presented Logan with an award and gave a speech. "I'm never shy in coming forward. . ." Harry said, sending the room into a fit of laughter. "It is difficult to imagine to imagine a finer, more inspirational group of people than is gathered here tonight. I come along to the WellChild Awards knowing that I will meet old friends and make new ones. I am totally unprepared for the extraordinary reality of what greets me. I leave a very humble man." prince-harry-nude-vegas.jpg

His appearance at the ceremony was a far cry from the image projected by his Vegas party photos, in which the third in line to the British throne was caught nude and frolicking with naked girls during a game of “strip billiards.” Following the vegas party, the Prince braced himself for more photos emerging after one of the 'hot chicks' in his VIP suite offered her party secrets for around $250,000 (£158,000).

His older brother Prince Charles is understood to be ‘frustrated and concerned’ that, once again, Harry is news for all the wrong reasons.

Harry, 27, is a patron of the charity, which supports seriously ill children and their families in the U.K.


Source: zimbio, nydailynews, dailymail




Posted by on 04 Sep 2012

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