PNP warns Facebook users

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Philippine National Police (PNP) warned Facebook users that posting negative comments on its page may subject individuals to criminal investigations as stipulated in Cybercrime Prevention Law which will be implemented on Oct. 3, 2012.


Image taken from Filipino FreeThinkers

The posts above are very alarming but PNP denied "any official connection" to the messages on the Facebook account.

The PNP said that PNP official statements are posted only through the PNP website, via Facebook account name pnp.pio, or released individually to the media.

Source: Yahoo news


I published this article not because I believe that the person behind these posts is connected to the PNP but this is just to inform the netizens of the said threatening posts.

For the meantime, will wait for any further relevant information we can gather from authorities.

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Posted by on 01 Oct 2012

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