DiversityHuman.com to Witness Panagbenga Festival 2013

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DiversityHuman.com and Friends will witness this year's Panagbenga festival.


This post will be constantly updated.


Stay tuned.

We apologize if we were unable to update this post. When we were in Baguio, we experienced difficulties getting a stable mobile service and the apartment where we stayed at didn't have a good wi-fi service either.

We will give you all updates in a moment.

UPDATE (Main Entry):

We will create two more articles with huge collection of Panagbenga photos from Day 1 (Grand Street Dance Parade) to Day 2 (Panabenga 2013 Float Parade). Again, we apologize for the late update.

Panagbenga Festival a.k.a Baguio Flower Festival is DiversityHuman.com and friends' most awaited festival this February 2013. Honestly we planned this trip since last week of December 2012.

After nearly two months of planning and preparation, at last we had our trip last February 22, 2013. (We stayed in Baguio for three (3) days).

We left Manila at around 1030A.M though the weather wasn't cooperating with us. FYI, we keep on experiencing heavy down pour whenever we have an out of town event. :( Here's the proof. panagbenga-trip-2013.jpg

At around 130PM we arrived in Dagupan and the team decided to have our lunch at Rosalina Supreme Chicken. Don't mind the name, they only serve few chicken meals. :( panagbenga-trip-lunch-in-dagupan.jpg

We spent about 45 minutes and we continued to travel. lunch-time-panagbenga-trip-dagupan.jpg

Anyways, we touched down in Baguio at around 530PM. It was a long trip though we didn't encounter any heavy traffic at all.

Here's the look inside SM Baguio-the mall without airconditioning. :) sm-baguio-panagbenga-trip.jpg

We rented an apartment in Brgy. Sta. Escolastica. panagbenga-flower-festival-trip-2013.jpg

According to the apartment owner, it would only take us ten minutes to be in Panagbenga Park but UNFORTUNATELY, it took us nearly 30 minutes because..... panagbenga-baguio-transient-room.jpg

Who the hell in the world loves to live beside a hill where you have to climb a 60-degree staircase? Possibly it would be me (LOL). I was born at the middle of mountain ranges. house-rooms-transient-baguio-location-panagbenga.jpg

Well, at least DiversityHuman.com's friends and content researchers enjoyed the adventure in Baguio. diversityhuman-friends-panagbenga-flower-festival-trip-2013.jpg diversityhuman-friends-panagbenga-flower-festival-trip-2014.jpg

Look at the smile on their faces, they're happy right? LOL panagbenga-flower-festival-2013-2014.jpg

By the way, along the road leading to our apartment, there were so many pine trees with Chayote vines wrapping around its branches. Now, can anyone spot the Chayote in the picture? :) baguio-pines-panagbenga-trip-2013.jpg

Lastly, if someone would ask about the traffic flow during the Panagbenga Festival (Day 1)-- check this out! panagbenga-heavy-traffic-flower-festival.jpg

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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 25 Feb 2013

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