Nora Aunor wins Best Actress in MMFF 2012 awards but "Thy Womb" was pulled out from theaters

By: Marisse in Entertainment

Nora Aunor - The Veteran actress and Superstar bagged her eighth Best Actress award in the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Awards Night in Pasig City Thursday night. nora-aunor-best-actress.jpg

Aunor (Nora Villamayor in real life), won praises for her portrayal of a midwife in the film "Thy Womb", a film by the Cannes award-winning director Brillante Mendoza.

"Thy Womb" has been screened in several international film festivals, before it earned its last-minute slot in the local MMFF.

However, due to the film's "poor" box office performance, which Mendoza attributes to it being an "alternative film," "Thy Womb" has since been pulled out in a number of theaters in Metro Manila, dwindling down its number of screening cinemas to 27.

In an interview on radio dzMM Friday, Aunor said she does not regret having starred in "Thy Womb".

nora-aunor-thy-womb.jpgShe said she sees her taking part in the film as a way of slowly "teaching" the Filipino audience to appreciate more "meaningful" movies.

"Thy Womb" also won the Gat Puno Villegas Cultural Award, Best Director (Brillante Mendoza), Best Original Story (Henry Burgos), Best in Production Design, Best in Cinematography, and Most Gender Sensitive awards.

Source: GMA News, ABS CBN news




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