Narciso Varona - the man behind Abusadong Professor, Violente, at High Blood viral video in youtube

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Narciso Varona identified as the person behind "Abusadong Professor, Violente, at High Blood" viral video

Narciso Varona is allegedly being identified as theprofessor shown in the viral Youtube video clip entitled "Abusadong Professor, Violente, at High Blood" who is currently teaching in Montessori Professional College, Pasay City.


Two of our readers, Mark Velayo Fucanan and Lymuel Reyes, identified the professor in the video and even said that Narciso Varona was their professor in College.

Mark Fucanan said in a Facebook post that Professor Narciso Varona is known to be a good person and easy to deal with. Mark added that the Montessori Professional College professor is approachable and he could not imagine why the professor became so furious to his students. tried to reach the original "Abusadong Professor" video uploader in Facebook but we didn't receive any reply.

Professor Narciso Varona will definitely air his side when he will get a chance to be interviewed by the mainstream mass media.

Meanwhile, the hashtags #NarcisoVarona and #AbusadongProfessor are still trending in

For those who hasn't viewed the "Abusadong Professor, Violente, at High Blood viral video", just click the youtube link below to play the video.


The Abusadong Professor is no longer connected to Montessori Professional College. ABS CBN reported that the school management terminated him due to the incident.




Posted by on 08 Jan 2013

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