MTRCB: GMA-7 Party Pilipinas on probation over 'sexually charged' dance number

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MTRCB: GMA-7 Party Pilipinas on probation over 'sexually charged' dance number


The Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has placed GMA-7’s “Party Pilipinas” on probation for six months over a “sexually charged” dance number, said MTRCB chairman Eugenio Villareal.

The board of censors asked GMA-7 to apologize for the lewd dance that featured Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino simulating on bed what appeared to be a sexual act.

The MTRCB chairman ordered the giant television network to issue a full screen video public apology to be aired at “Party Pilipinas” next Sunday.

Villareal added that the same public apology shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation on or before February 9 regarding the sexually charged dance number of the show.

While on probation, Party Pilipinas shall be placed on a per-episode basis, “which means that any violation of the MTRCB rules, laws, and regulations would mean placing Party Pilipinas off air without prejudice to other sanctions.”

“Concerned officials and personnel of the network responsible for the show, including but not limited to Jose Mari Abacan (vice president for programming), Mark Reyes V (director of the program) and Lui Cadag (executive producer) shall undergo gender and development training under the supervision of the MTRCB no later than the end of March 2013,” the board order stated.

“This is meant to enable the program to effectively engage in self-regulation in terms of gender sensitivity,” he explained.

“The MTRCB wishes to express its appreciation over the candor, maturity and cooperation of GMA Network during the entire process,” Villareal said.

Party Pilipinas is a musical variety show which is being aired every Sunday from 11:45 a.m. to 3 p.m in GMA-7.

Here's the controversial lewd dance number of Lovi Poe.

Source: PDI news




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