Manny Pacquiao cried after loss to Juan Marquez

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Manny Pacquiao cried after loss to Juan Marquez

Manny Pacquiao admitted crying over his shocking knock out defeat against Juan Manuel Marquez last December.

In a casual talk with politician and boxing fan Manny Piñol, the boxing superstar came clean about his emotions following his loss.

"I tried to control my emotions right after the fight but when I was alone in my room, I decided to view some of the TV footage of the reaction of my fans to my loss," said Pacquiao.

"When I saw that people were sad and crying, I felt so sorry that I failed them and I cried," he confessed, saying that seeing his fans’ saddened faces was more painful than Marquez’s knockout punch.

After knocking down Marquez in the fifth round, Pacquiao continued attacking the Mexican in the sixth. But the bloodied Marquez found an opening and knocked the Filipino out cold two seconds remaining in that round.

Source: ABS-CBN news




Posted by on 27 Mar 2013

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