Beware of ‘Love scam’| Woman Deceived by a Facebook Suitor Loses P5 Million

By: Mikalalalo in News

MANILA, PHILIPPINES –A woman named Maricel, 58 years old, has been reportedly framed up by her Facebook suitor who extracted P5 million from her pocket.

Maricel is a solo parent agent. She used to run a successful money lending business that allowed her to send her 3 kids to school. The successful business woman lends money to policemen, soldiers and to anyone who is interested to borrow a huge amount of cash. She was able to own a house, a lot and car for the family.

love-scam-woman-philippines-lost-millionsEverything was fine not until a man from London befriended her on Facebook which started 3 years ago. The man was identified as “George”. The suspect allegedly said that he wanted to marry Maricel and will travel to the Philippines to formally settle the plan.

"May pera daw siya sa UK. $2.5 million. Sa pera natin 112 million pesos," Maricel said in an interview by ABS-CBN Bistado.

One day, Maricel received a private message saying George was hospitalized and was experiencing coma, then a “friend" of George mentioned that the foreigner left his money to Maricel. However, she had to send P60,000 to get the money. She also received a message from few George’s friend saying George sent two boxes to her. Maricel is so in loved with this guy, she even made an effort to visit Malate to meet some of George's friends who said “Ang Kailangan 675,000 pesos.”

To meet the money needed she pawned some of the appliances in her house and jeweleries she had. She kept making money transfers and was hoping that she could receive the alleged two boxes. Almost P3 million of savings were gone and summarizing the entire pawned amount including interest is almost P5 million.

One of Maricel's daughters, Jenny, reacted on the 'love scam'. She said they only found out about the scam when their mother said she pawned the house.

"Nakasangla daw yung bahay. Siyempre nakakapanghinayang," Jenny said.

A good question here is, why would you trust someone you haven’t personally met in person?

I believe 80% of human species owns a Facebook account. As long as internet connection is available, Facebook provides so much information and “gimiks” that could turn our dead time into a more exciting way. From the games to liking pages and groups, these are give-away for readers, writers, and gamers to use the world’s number one social networking site. Today, if you don’t own a Facebook account, people may criticize you as a darn old specie.

It is a fact and there is nothing wrong in using Facebook as it is also a casual way to communicate through our long distance relationships, whether friends or families. Some fortunate people may find their long lost lover in social media, while some are simply wishing to find the best. However, our genie (Robin Williams) sadly said his farewell--"better luck next time".

I hope this could be a big touch to all women. According to the Bureau of Customs, 48 victims of the Internet love scam were reported from January to July of this year. Don't be the 49th victim of the internet love scam in the Philippines.

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Mickaela R. TanBonLiong is the writer behind the article you read above. Has grown up fantasizing "sex and city" series or movie. I've been wanting to be a writer like Carrie Bradshaw. Writing, Clothes, Girlfriends, Good Places, and to be with someone I could sing and dance through (if you know what I mean) is what I call life. To be able to be an author of a book of what I can call my own is my dream. Writing for DiversityHuman feels like I am one step closer to it. :-)

Posted by on 20 Sep 2014

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