Judith Olanka, OFW Domestic Helper allegedly abused by Employer in Jordan

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Judith Olanka, OFW Domestic Helper allegedly abused by Employer in Jordan


In an email sent to dzMM, Judith Olanka seeks the assistance of the radio organization to help her secure an exit visa for her immediate return to the country.

Judith Olanka, allegedly a victim of an illegal recruitment agency, was sent to Jordan with a tourist visa document. When she arrived in Jordan, Judith was immediately hired as a domestic helper.

Unfortunately, Judith Olanka was abused by her Jordanian employer which promted her to report to the Philippine embassy in Jordan.

According to OWWA administrator Carmelita Dimzon, Judith Olanka is now safe and in the custody of the Philippine embassy. However, she has to wait her exit visa which has to be approved by the Jordanian government before she can get back to the Philippines.

Source: ABS-CBN news




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 19 Mar 2013

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